Phone Chat Taboos Worth Breaking

The Risk is Worth The Reward!

Everyone has heard of Snapchat. It’s been a popular app for the past couple years and continues to be trendy to this day. Yet, it was never used for its original intention. A self-deleting picture was clearly being used for other purposes.

The phone chat functions are still good for the purposes of looking for dates and arranging plans between interested parties. There are certain things people will tell you not to do. “Don’t be too up front or you’ll end up in the friend zone.” Or, “Never make plans you don’t intend to keep.”

There are still plenty of taboos worth breaking!

1. Don’t talk about clothing

Many people think asking “What are you wearing?” is too much of an old-fashion question and a major turnoff. Despite this, many people are looking for individuals who care about putting time and effort into their appearance.

Furthermore, this fact alone could wind up being your ace in the hole. You never know when someone will respond “What do you want me to wear?” or “For you, I’m not wearing anything!” Feel free to break this taboo. The ratio of risk to reward will make it all worthwhile.

2. Don’t use emojis

There are certain people out there who say using emojis will only end in failure. People think they are lazy, childish, or otherwise make you look immature. However, what if you could use them in a way that was fun and playful?

For example, nothing is better than keeping the person on the other end of the line interested in what picture you’re going to send next. Let the other person decipher the message in their own way and go along with the response! Who knows, the person may like your creativity and show an interest in learning more about your humorous side!

3. Don’t be straightforward

Nothing in phone chat is worse than spending hours talking in a slightly coded language only to realize that you both had completely different goals in mind. This only proves to be a massive waste of time for both parties. While something plain may strike people as boring and not inventive, sometimes nothing is more attractive than someone simply coming right out and saying what they feel.

Don’t be afraid to break this taboo. If you truly want someone, just say it. Not only will this help get you to the finish line quicker, it can also save you valuable time. Imagine the headache of trying to come up with more inventive things to say in 160 characters… no thanks! It takes way less brainpower to simply say what you’re looking for and how you truly feel.

Some people say you never learn by following the rules. Nowhere is this truer than in the world of phone chat. Every person is different, and everyone will respond in various ways to diverse messages. Adapt phone chat to suit your own personal desires and needs. This will help you to find that perfect someone you have long been searching for.